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stockvault-old-ratty-rabbit140540a monologue by Ken Patton

Lights come up on the actor, sitting cross legged on the edge of a bed… The Actor, who can be male or female, is portraying CUBBY, a young boy’s teddy bear…

CUBBY: [shyly at first, but slowly warms to audience] Hello there… how are you? Have you seen my boy? I haven’t seen him for days – I worry where he might be… you see, first I was in the deep circle of suds, and then I was in the big circle of darkness and warmth thanks to Mother; I was dirty – oh, so dirty after my boy took me outside to play… we slid on the slide, we flew on the swings, I was an aeroplane… I was a cape… I was free… it was fun, but I got dirty… oh, so dirty… so Mother cleaned me, and placed me on the bed, and here I wait… and wait… and wait.

CUBBY is quiet for a moment, appraising the situation…

You seem surprised for some reason… are you surprised that I’m speaking? We do speak you know – we’re just taught how important it is NOT to speak… I mean, not to be CAUGHT speaking… they teach us that at the Place Of Making; so many of you wouldn’t understand if you saw us talk, though if you would just remember, just stay… true, then you would remember that we do talk – that we did talk… to you. I talk to my boy all the time, and he talks to me; we give each other such great comfort, and…

CUBBY glares out at the audience…

I NEED TO FIND MY BOY! Where is he? It isn’t like him to leave me alone for so long… Well, there was one time when I went missing, but it was… it was… THE GIRL. Selfish flesh bag. She… took me. Tried to make me her own… I could hear my boy crying… such tears… such pain – for both of us; but I couldn’t go to him. I was trapped in her room… trapped in her arms… her tight, suffocating arms. Trapped in her bed. Holding me – loving me. It. Made. Me. Sick. So I cheated… I waited until she was taking her bath, and then I called out to my boy – made sure that only he would hear me… and you know what? He did! He came charging right into her room, and snatched me out of her bed… she had hidden me under the covers and pillows, but that didn’t fool my boy – my boy is smart – so very smart! So that’s why I know something is wrong… cause I call for him, an call for him… and he doesn’t come… if he could hear me, then he would come – but he can’t hear me… Why can’t he hear me? Where has he gone? Where have they taken him? Why didn’t they take me? What happened? What kept him from being able to grab me? He ALWAYS takes me on trips with the family… we love car trips, he and I… love them! We roll down the window and let the wind blow in our faces… once we pulled the girls hair ribbon out of her hair and threw it out of the window! Oh, wow… that was such fun! So much fun… So much… Where is he? It’s like I’ve been ripped open… I need my boy… I can’t stand this pain – this pain is MADDENING.

CUBBY takes a couple of deep, calming breaths…

I love my boy… more than you can possibly realize. So I will keep my vigil, right here in my special place… right where he likes finding me, and I won’t move, NOT AN INCH, until he comes back to me! Oh, I see that look on your face – you don’t think I CAN move! Well, let me tell you… I can! And if you were still true, then you would remember that! But none of you big ones… none of you stay true! You all forget – every last one of you! I want, more than anything, to hop right off of this bed, and make my way over to the window, and look out of it, but I can’t do that… what if someone sees me? What if someone walks into the room as I’m making my way over to the window! That would be tragic… tragic I tell you! The consequences would be… well… I just won’t talk of it… I won’t! But perhaps… perhaps you would help me? Could you look for my boy? And if you find him, tell him I’m worried about him, and I just need a hug… nobody hugs like my boy… NOBODY.

Looking out at the audience, CUBBY slowly smiles…

Yes… that’s it! Will you help me? Will you go look for my boy? Find him for me? I’ll tell you three secrets – perhaps THAT will entice you to help me… Secret number one – those of my kind are natural protectors from evil; monsters do exist, but we keep them away… we REPEL them, so if you have an infestation, all you need is one of us. We’ll take care of the problem – TRUST in that! Secret number two – we’re immortal… even when damaged, we live forever… so here’s a public service announcement; when you get too big to appreciate us, when you are no longer true… pass us on to another child, for we’re happiest when we get to serve… we LIVE to serve… and love… and cherish… and protect. And secret number three – though we’re born from goodness and light we’re fiercely loyal and loving, and we will FUCK YOU UP if you hurt our child… and we’ll love you forever for finding him, so go now… find my boy… find my boy… you heard me – FIND. MY. BOY! NOW. I’M WAITING. Yes… I’ll be waiting… right here… and I won’t move… no, I won’t move at all… NOT AN INCH.



CUBBY was originally performed by Meghan McConnell at the Eclectic Company Theatre in North Hollywood as part of their Eclectic Voices series.

Born in Dayton, Ohio and raised in New York and California, Ken Patton has been passionate about words, theatre and music from an early age. Upon graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles with a BFA in Theatre, Ken continued his career in the Entertainment by spending the next 3 years at Columbia Pictures Television participating in their now defunct on-site talent training program, learning the various aspects of Television production.  Ken has been known to serve as a Producer and Story Consultant for various independent features. Ken also works freelance as a Production Manager, Event Manager, and Consultant.  Currently, Ken is working on the book and lyrics for an original, contemporary musical [Dirty Martini’. Workshop performances for Dirty Martini are slated for later this year.

3 comments on “Cubby

  1. Brieuse Bernhard Piers-Gûdmönd
    September 23, 2013

    Fantastic creative idea. Terrific writing. I’m pretty inspired and pretty thrilled by it all.

  2. Ken Patton
    September 23, 2013

    Thank you so much for your kind words! This monologue was so much fun to write… it came out of a very general ‘what if…’ scenario posed by the coordinators of our Writer’s Club. Personally I hope we have more assignments like the one that inspired ‘Cubby’ in the future. Happy writing to you, and thanks again! 😀

  3. Stan Hill
    September 25, 2013

    Passionate yet sensitive. Evocative to the point of realism. And oh so very human, even though it is a teddy bear. I would have expected nothing less from my very good friend.

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