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Nine Questions With: Eclectic Voices Writer Sean M. Kozma

Here at Eclectic Voices, we are just as interested in the behind-the-scenes madness of creative minds as we are in the final product. So, we decided to offer you some juicy interviews with movers and shakers in the creative worlds of literature, theatre and film. This issue features our one and only Eclectic Voices Writer Sean M. Kozma. Enjoy!


headshotEclectic Voices: So, how’d you get involved in Eclectic Voices?

Sean M. Kozma: Through good friends, mostly in the LA theatre community. I heard some people whose work I respected were starting a writer’s group and pestered them to join until they said yes just to get me to stop bothering them.

EV: What are you working on right now?

SMK: Long term, I’m working on a novel about Lazarus of Bethany. I’m also working on a couple of screenplays (like so many other people in LA), as well as several short story ideas. When I started writing, I thought it might be a good idea to throw a whole bunch of irons in the fire. Now that I’m neck deep in it, I’m less certain that was a good idea, however I have no lack of things that need working on.

EV: What was your inspiration for your current project?

SMK: The novel was inspired by a number of different things, including my Catholic upbringing, my thoughts and beliefs (or lack thereof) about God and the world, and the writings of Neil Gaiman, among others. The short story I’m working on, which may wind up being a chapter in the novel, is inspired by a photo essay on performing street monkeys in Jakarta. Of the screenplays I’m working on, one was inspired by the works of Kurosawa, and the other was inspired by every great science fiction film I’ve ever seen.

EV: What is the most exciting thing about writing and/or theater?

SMK: Everything! Writing, theater, creating art of any kind is one of the most vulnerable things you can do as a human being. Deciding you have something to say that’s worth listening to, and then trying to get people to listen to you is exciting and challenging, and is about as close as you can get to walking a tightrope without a net without actually joining the circus and becoming a tightrope walker. Also, it’s exciting to flirt constantly with crushing poverty.

EV: What is the most terrifying thing about writing and/or theater?

SMK: The constant flirtation with crushing poverty!

EV: Who are some of your writer heroes?

SMK: Harlan Ellison, for always being rather unrepentantly Harlan Ellison. Stephen King and Chuck Palahniuk for being generally good writers and also writing some very useful pieces on writing. Anybody who can turn a phrase or keep me reading. My fellow Eclectic Voices writers.

EV: What or who inspires you to write?

SMK: The other EV writers. The group is always there to remind me that THIS IS WORK. There is writing that need to be done, and you can think about it, you can throw it on the back burner for a while. You can kick it around all you want, but the only thing that actually turns it into writing is sitting down and writing it.

EV: What advice do you have for other writers just starting out?

SMK: I’m just starting out myself, so I don’t have any great wisdom here, but find a writer’s group if you can! Give yourself reasons to write, then show your stuff to other people whose opinions’ you respect and get their feedback and input. Read other people’s stuff to see how other people think and write. Don’t be afraid to throw out even a great idea because the next one down the pike might be even better. Or not, you can always throw that one out too. But keep writing. Journey of a thousand steps and all that.

EV: If you could change one thing about theater or the writing world, what would it be?

SMK: I’d always be happy with more and better paying gigs for everybody.

Thanks for Talking with us Sean!
To read Sean’s work on Eclectic Voices, check out his monologue Magic Necro, his short play The Conversation About the Glass (Part 1 & Part 2), his monologue That Room or his holiday story Night of the Krampus.

More info about Sean:

Sean M. Kozma is a writer, sound designer, and audio technician living in Los Angeles, and working in professional theatre. He also works behind the camera on independent films as production manager, assistant director, and line producer. Originally hailing from southeast Michigan, he has worked as a dishwasher, a fry cook, a delivery driver, a taxicab driver, a dispatcher, an engraver, and an office drone. He is currently writing a novel, among other projects.

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  1. taybrook
    January 14, 2014

    I love these interviews – fun to get to know ya’ll even better!

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