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Nine Questions with: Eclectic Voices Writer Jeff Folschinsky

Here at Eclectic Voices, we are just as interested in the behind-the-scenes madness of creative minds as we are in the final product. So, we decided to offer you some juicy interviews with movers and shakers in the creative worlds of literature, theatre and film. This issue features our one and only Eclectic Voices Writer & Co-Coordinator Jeff Folschinsky. Enjoy!


JeffEclectic Voices: So, how’d you get involved in Eclectic Voices?

Jeff Folschinsky: A member of the Eclectic Company Theatre named Chelsea Sutton sent out a email that said  that she was looking for writer’s that wanted to be in a writers group, that would be a safe and encouraging environment to develop their work. And that she would bring fresh baked cookies. I really like cookies.

EV: What are you working on right now?

JF: I’m working on the second book in my, Tales From Little Lump series. Also, I’m trying to convince Chelsea to start bringing fresh baked cookies to the meeting again.

EV: What was your inspiration for your current project?

JF: Growing up in Texas and all the strange and wonderful people that I grew up around. Also, if it entertained her enough, there was the possibility of Chelsea making more cookies.

EV: What is the most exciting thing about writing and/or theater?

JF: I think to see or hear about the reaction people get or have gotten from something that I wrote. Also for opening night or public readings there’s the possibility there will be cookies.

EV: What is the most terrifying thing about writing and/or theater?

JF: Not that people hated what I wrote. Not that people loved what I wrote. But that people felt nothing at all about what I wrote. Also that there will be no cookies.

EV: Who are some of your writer heroes?

JF: Carl Hiassen, Chuck Palahniuk, Jim Butcher, Max Brooks, Nick Bantock, Kurt Vonnegut, Steve Martin, Hugh Howey, Sara Lee, Nabisco, and Nestle Toll House.

EV: What or who inspires you to write?

JF: My friends and family and the crazy things they do and/or say. And cookies

EV: What advice do you have for other writers just starting out?

JF: Find a tribe of crazy, wonderful, encouraging and most importantly slightly insane people to inspire and challenge you. That of course is headed up by someone who likes to bake.

EV: If you could change one thing about theater or the writing world, what would it be?

JF: Not to be so stuffy and caught in tradition that it’s not open to new ideas and/or ways of doing things. And to have an ample supply of cookies available.

AlienSeasonCover-boxPlugs please:

My first book in my Tales From Little Lump series Alien Season is currently available at Amazon.

Also I’m conducting a write in campaign to convince the group that cookies should now be mandatory of every writer’s meeting.

Thanks for Talking with us Jeff!
To read Jeff’s work on Eclectic Voices, check out Fred, A Random Act of Randomness, an excerpt of Tales From Little Lump: Alien Season, VOODOO Doggy, Employee Satisfaction Survey and his latest It Simply Was...

More info about Jeff:

Jeff Folschinsky’s plays have been seen at various theaters across North America. He is also creator and staff writer for Perilous and The Trials and Tribulations of Vicky Vixen, a serial late night soap opera spoof at the Eclectic Company Theater in North Hollywood, California. Jeff’s plays The Unsinkable Bismarck, A Pill By Any Other Name Is The Wrong Dosage, Rendezvous and Revelations and Kisses From Abroad are published by One Act Play Depot. His full length play Turkey Day that had it’s world premiere at The Eclectic Company Theatre, is published by both Norman Maine Play Publishing and Big Dog Play Publishing. His play he co-wrote with Tyler Tanner The Singing Bone is published by JAC Publishing. Jeff has written and produced the popular podcasts Virgin Falls, Pasiones Obsesionantes, The B-Movie Bastards and Cult Movie Cuisine. Jeff has also written a movie with Tyler Tanner and Stephanie Wiand called Revenge of the Bimbot Zombie Killers which was directed by Joe Camareno and is due to be released later this year.

2 comments on “Nine Questions with: Eclectic Voices Writer Jeff Folschinsky

  1. jfolschinsky
    May 20, 2014

    Reblogged this on Amused to Death and commented:
    My nine questions interview is in this issue of Eclectic Voices.

  2. Peggy Penny
    June 6, 2014

    This interview is wonderful, Jeff. Thank you for sharing. PeggyPenny

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