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Grandma’s Discovery

awkwardThis story was inspired by a photo from  Click on the AWKARD to the left or on the link at the bottom to see the image.
by Mark Bate

I was rummaging through my old family photo album the other day and came across this gem. You know, Nanna always said to eat what you kill. On this frosty November day in the crispy Saakatoon afternoon, those words never rang more true as the ever feisty family matron decided to kick off the Festival of Golmeth by putting on her best Sunday-go-to-meeting scarf and wrestling a poor hapless Slore to the ground, sucking the flesh from its bones and all without getting a drop on her outfit or ruffling a single hair on her head. Stay classy, Nanna. Oh, the memories.

Check out the photo that inspired the story.


Mark Bate, who resides in Southern California, started writing as a standup performer. Later evolving into a staff writer for sketch comedy shows like B-Movie Bastards, The Comedy Bunker and the late night soap opera Ambition. His contributions to serial theatre shows in Los Angeles have included UFO: Undeniably Funky Objective and Kung-Fu Jesus for Sacred Fools Theatre as well as various monologues performed for Eclectic Voices. Recently, he has completed two full-length plays: I Love A Rainy Night and Ghostwriter.

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