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Jingle Hell


a poem by Mark Bate

Part of the December writing challenge:: It’s Christmas morning.  As you open your first gift, you are transported to an alternate- universe holiday celebration, in which you are in an extreme position of power.  WRITE ABOUT IT.



Throughout the night as snowflakes fell
I had a dream of death’s cold knell
Then woke with a fright, caught mid-yell
A man alone, a dingy motel.

Another Christmas did I dwell
In this body, my prison cell
Trapped, ensnared, a ne’er ending spell
This holiday grief would not be quelled.

From whom, from where I could not tell
I spied a box, a blood red shell.

An evil gift saw me propelled
A passage to the depths of Hell
And then saw I a font, a well
Adorned unholy a darkly chapel.

Overwrought was I by sight and by smell
As I looked around at this barren dell
A crooked sign read “PERSONNEL”

Soon I’d be briefed by a Mademoiselle
On my talents, assets, the skills to excel
I have to admit, her speech did impel
The seeds of hubris in me to swell.

The job was mine, said this horned jezebel.
Upon the peal of a rusted church bell
I bid my godless life farewell
And began my reign, the new ruler of Hell.


Mark Bate, who resides in Southern California, started writing as a standup performer. Later evolving into a staff writer for sketch comedy shows like B-Movie Bastards, The Comedy Bunker and the late night soap opera Ambition. His contributions to serial theatre shows in Los Angeles have included UFO: Undeniably Funky Objective and Kung-Fu Jesus for Sacred Fools Theatre as well as various monologues performed for Eclectic Voices. Recently, he has completed two full-length plays: I Love A Rainy Night and Ghostwriter.

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