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Crossed Duct Tape Stripesa monologue by Jason Britt

Every so often, for one reason or another, you end up with tape on your bare skin. Tape. Tape. On your bare skin. Stuck there. How it got there is moot. Maybe you put it there. Put it there for a reason. Maybe it happened by accident. Maybe the stars aligned in the right way and fate put you and this tape together. It doesn’t matter, now. It’s happened. And if it was put there for a reason, that reason has come and gone. Now you have to get the tape off. I mean, …obviously. You don’t just keep tape stuck to you for no reason, right? That wouldn’t make any sense. It’s not like anyone keeps tape stuck to them for the sake of appearances, right? I mean, unless it was for appearances…. Like some sort of trend where everyone was wearing tape on themselves and you don’t want to be the only one without tape on your bare skin… so… Anyways… You want to take the tape off. You no longer wish this tape to be clung to your person any longer. You have to tear it off. Or peel it off. You can go slow or fast. You can slowly and painfully peel the tape off, feeling the anguish of every millimeter of skin you manage to emancipate from the tape’s sticky grasp, seeing little by little the hairs and the specks of skin that you have sacrificed in order to be free of this parasitic being. Gradually and reluctantly you torturously peel yourself free… and then,…… in the end, after it’s all over, and you’re exhausted from the ordeal of gruelingly putting yourself through slow self torture… and you’re finally free… you wonder to yourself: “Maybe it would’ve been better if I’d just ripped it off.”

Now…Ripping the tape off is faster…It’s usually what people prefer. But there’s always that long pause before you actually do it… the hesitancy. You know it’s gonna fuckin’ hurt like a bitch. So you hesitate and pause… Thinking to yourself “what if it rips all my skin off”… ….improbable, yes… but possible…. and then you have to live with that for a while… and everyone will see your wound …and you have to explain what happened and so forth….”I was ripping tape off my bare skin…etc…” You think about that slight possibility ….and so you hesitate a bit more …..and you try to think of a way to do this without the agony…..or the possibility of ripping all your hair and skin off leaving you with a bit of yourself missing….taken by the tape. Your mind goes in circles, thinking….thinking, …overthinking…. you think; maybe somebody invented a way to rip tape off bare skin without it hurting,… and you just haven’t heard of it yet.. or maybe if you talk to some of your friends about it, they might know the solution… or maybe if you Google it …there’ll be some sort of trick to it and someone will have made a step by step youtube video to guide you through the process… or you think, maybe you can go through life with this tape stuck to your skin… It’s not that bad… I can cover it up when I need to… I can do without feeling that part of my body…yeah… maybe it’ll be fine….eventually it’ll come off by itself… after enough sweating and or skin cells die away…. right? After enough …time… After enough time… Time time time….Time….more time to think about the tape… wasting your time… Time….Tape…. Tape….Time….How long? At some point you realize that ….it’s ridiculous…. and silly… and….after all that time thinking…thinking about tape and time… At last you know you just have to fuckin rip the goddamn tape off …and take the Fuckin pain. Y’know? So… What am I talking about? I’m talkin about tape….and time… and… and…………..I can’t ….do this…. with you any longer …………… I don’t love you anymore.


Jason Britt is a Libra, loves long walks on the beach, co-ed volleyball, and good conversation. He has written and co-written several one-act plays that have been produced for the Eclectic Company Theatre’s Hurricane Season, a one act play festival. His full length play, Preposterous, was produced and staged at the Eclectic as well. He founded a sketch troupe, Sketch Marks, which performed at the Eclectic and for which he was a writer and thus has transferred some of his sketches into videos for the Faydakin Company and can be found on YouTube. He co-wrote a feature film that he starred in and found it’s way into several film festivals, but is currently in film purgatory.

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