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I Wanna Be Loved

stockvault-sunset-lovers101209Part of the March Writing Challenge: Pick a song that means something to you, then tell the story of the song. (The song that inspired this story is included at the end.)

by Ken Patton

It was a beautiful night. The evening sun setting, the sky hazy with peaches, pinks and blues with streaks of grey and white. I could hear the Andrew Sisters singing softly, sweetly from somewhere off in the distance.

As we sat on the bluff looking at the vast ocean before us, Mitzi and Doris giggled as they pulled their capris on over their swimsuits. The boys sat huddled together on the sand below us, struggling to build a fire with driftwood they had gathered along the beach. All in all, it was a beautiful night… the perfect night.

As Mitzi applied a fresh coat of lipstick, and Doris brushed her hair, I found myself tying and retying the ties on my midi blouse. I knew I’d be nervous, but I didn’t think I would be this nervous. I was so thankful that both Mitzi and Doris were there beside me.

Grabbing the bags of provisions that we brought with us, we made our way down to the edge of the beach, where the boys sat waiting for us. Like a eager child, Mitzi bounded across the sand, and as she reached her target, she sprang forth, and with a graceful leap, she ended up tackling Archie to the ground. Laughing hard, they both rolled together in the sand, kissing each other eagerly. As they finished kissing, Archie stood, and extending his hand, he helped Mitzi up, and then together, hand in hand, they made their way down towards the water. Bruce stood, and gathered Doris into his arms. They kissed, and then made their way a little further down the beach, away from us. As they walked off hand in hand, Doris rested her head against Bruce’s shoulder, as Bruce grabbed her waist, pulling her closer to him as they walked.

Standing a few feet away from the growing fire, I stood there, staring at Carlton. I was the luckiest girl in the world to have such a wonderful guy fall for me. Just looking at him took my breath away. 6’2” tall, muscular frame, chiseled features… with the cutest freckles all over his body. His wavy auburn hair was wind tousled, and those ice blue eyes twinkled as he smiled at me. His smile warmed me deeply… it was a powerful smile… a dangerous smile.

I found myself wishing that he would come grab me, and kiss me hard, but he waved me over towards the fire. Sinking to my knees next to him, he kissed me on my cheek, and then he started telling me about his day, as he took the bags of provisions that we brought from me. Spreading the blanket on the ground, he pulled items from the bags as he continued telling me about his family, and football practice, and the jog he took earlier along the beach with Bruce and Archie while they gathered wood for the fire.

I loved being near him, but as he talked, I found myself just staring at him… drinking in his warmth, his beauty. There was a beauty, a maturity about him that put me at ease. He had a relaxed, casual way about him that make me feel comfortable and secure in his presence. As I gazed at him, I was reminded anew that I not only loved him, but I trusted him as well… and I wanted to be with him – badly. I knew that it wasn’t the kind of thought that a ‘good girl’ should find in her head, but at that moment, it was the only thought occupying my thoughts, and I found it powerful and overwhelming. If only he would kiss me!

Trying to push the thoughts out of my mind, I grabbed a stick, and I started doodling in the sand next to the blanket as Carlton continued laying out the picnic supplies. I found myself lost in thought as I drew in the sand… a line here, a curve there… it was as if my thoughts traveled from my mind, through that stick, to the sand. Carlton grew quiet as he watched me draw.

I didn’t even realize that he had stopped talking until I felt his hand on my shoulder. The minute his hand touched my shoulder, I trembled, and dropping the stick, I looked first at his hand, and then slowly, my eyes traveled along his arm, until finally I looked up, and found myself gazing directly into his eyes.

His piercing eyes gazed at me for a moment, before looking down at what I had drawn in the sand. I followed his gaze, and looked upon my artwork… two bodies, intertwined, with a heart framing the two lovers. My thoughts had indeed escaped from my mind, and now they were betraying me right there on the sand! Embarrassed, I started to erase the picture with my hands, but Carlton grabbed my arm, and pulled me close to him. There we were, close as close can be. I could smell the Juicy Fruit gum on his breath, and I found myself lost for a moment in his eyes, those impossibly clear, ice blue eyes framed by dark, dark lashes that seemed too long to be real. It seemed for a moment that time had stopped, until he leaned forward, and sweetly, hesitantly, but tenderly, he kissed me. It was everything that I had dreamed it would be… and more. My nervousness washed away as I kissed him back, welcoming him… willing him with every ounce of my being to not stop. In my mind I was begging him not to stop, and it was as if he could read my mind. That kiss was like a passport for what was to come. In that moment I forgot all about Mitzi and Doris… and Archie and Bruce. There was only Carlton and I, and it was sheer bliss.

His kisses grew stronger, more passionate – more intimate, and the more he kissed me, the more right it felt. He caressed me as he kissed me, and his kisses felt almost electric. In my surprise and shock, I gasped as my breath caught in my throat. My chest heaved as tears welled in my eyes at the sudden joy and ecstasy that I was feeling. Carlton immediately stopped kissing me, and as he pulled back to look me in the eye, he gently brushed a stray lock of my hair back behind my ear. As I smiled at him, in one fluid motion he reached behind my head, and freed my hair from the kerchief tying it back in a ponytail. As my hair fell down across my shoulders, he took the kerchief, and used it to dab the tears of joy that were forming in the corners of my eyes. Grabbing his hand, I kissed it softly, and then reaching behind his head, I cupped his head with my hand, and I pulled him back towards me. Kissing his forehead first, then the tip of his nose, I gazed deeply into his eyes for a long moment before kissing him deeply on the lips.

He grabbed me with strong and steady hands, and held me close to him as we both sank down towards the blanket. Wrapping me in his arms, he continued to kiss me, and as we kissed, I was amazed at how powerful and insistent his heartbeat was… I could feel his heart pounding against my chest, and it was almost as if our hearts were struggling to get in sync, to become one. I felt myself feeling things that I had never felt before. It was as if my body was awakening from a long slumber as I felt my body becoming warm and supple with a myriad of new pleasures and sensations.

For a brief moment, Carlton stopped kissing me as he looked at me once again. Our eyes locked, and I knew in that moment that I was ready. I bit my lip in eager anticipation as I smiled, and softly nodded my head. In my head, my mind was screaming ‘yes’ as he took my head in his hand, and softly whispered “I love you” in my ear. As he pulled away, I whispered I love you too. With another smile that warmed me to my core, he kissed my neck as I looked towards the ocean. Mitzi and Archie stood in the ocean, the waves breaking around their knees as they kissed like there was no one else in the world. Sitting up for a moment, as Carlton removed his shirt, I could see Doris and Bruce with their backs against a driftwood log, lost in each other’s arms.

Smiling at Carlton, I told him that I loved him once again. My finger traced a path down between his pecs and along his washboard abs as I watched him lay back on the blanket. As he wrapped his arms around me, goosebumps wildly erupted all over my body. As we kissed, our kisses grew with intensity and urgency.

As I thought of the danger of other people being on that beach, of someone walking up upon us, I found that I just didn’t care – there was nothing I wanted in this moment other than what was happening right here and right now, with Carlton. It was a perfect moment. As I relaxed and wound my arms around him, he pulled me on top of him as I trembled in anticipation of what was to come.

There was no one else in the entire world… no one except Carlton, and I.

Lyrics by Billy Rose & Eddie Heyman/Music by Johnny Green
I wanna be loved, with inspiration
I wanna be loved, starting tonight Instead of merely holding conversation Hold me tight.
I wanna be kissed, until I tingle
I wanna be kissed, starting tonight Embrace until our heartbeats intermingle Wrong or right.
I feel like acting my age,
I’m past the stage of merely turtledoveing. I’m in no mood to resist, and I insist,
The world owes me a loving.
I wanna be thrilled, to desperation
I wanna be thrilled, starting tonight With every kind of wonderful sensation I wanna be loved.
I feel like acting my age,
I’m past the stage of merely turtledoveing. I’m in no mood to resist, and I insist,
The world owes me a loving.
I wanna be thrilled, to desperation
I wanna be thrilled, starting tonight
With every kind of wonderful sensation… I wanna be loved.


Born in Dayton, Ohio and raised in New York and California, Ken Patton has been passionate about words, theatre and music from an early age. Upon graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles with a BFA in Theatre, Ken continued his career in the Entertainment by spending the next 3 years at Columbia Pictures Television participating in their now defunct on-site talent training program, learning the various aspects of Television production. Ken has been known to serve as a Producer and Story Consultant for various independent features. Ken also works freelance as a Production Manager, Event Manager, and Consultant. Currently, Ken is working on the book and lyrics for an original, contemporary musical Dirty Martini. Workshop performances for Dirty Martini are slated for later this year.

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