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One Minute Play Challenge: Valentines

child-427173_1920One Minute Play Challenge: Write a play with a Beginning, Middle and End that all happens in One Minute. Theme: Since next month is February the Theme will be Valentine’s Day. Doesn’t have to be a love story, it just has to fit Valentine’s Day in somehow.


by Jeff Folschinsky

LOCATION: The Living Room of an Apartment.
AT RISE: Its night and a MAN is sitting on the couch in the living room. His ROOM MATE is standing in the doorway looking at him.

MAN: Hello my love.

ROOM MATE: This is just sad.

MAN: Would you shut up? I’m trying to be romantic here. (Get’s back on the phone.)
Sorry my love for that rude interruption. Yes, I’ve missed you too. Its felt like eons since we last spoke.

ROOM MATE: Yesterday, you were on the phone with her yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that. I know because I’ve seen the phone bill, of which I pay half of. I can’t even believe you could find a service like this still in business let alone want to use it.

MAN: I get lonely.

ROOM MATE: This is just embarrassing.

MAN: Why are you trying to keep us apart?

ROOM MATE: That’s it, tomorrow I’m canceling our phone service.

The ROOM MATE exits the apartment.

MAN: My love, it looks like our romance is coming to an end, so lets make tonight count. What’s that? Yes, off course I’ll accept the additional charges.

Lights Fade to Black.


Improvisational Play: Fish Bowl
By Chelsea Sutton

The scene is a suburban house. Four actors, two women and two men, act as a family. The MOTHER, FATHER, and DAUGHTER are sitting at the dinner table doing what suburban families do at dinner tables. It is Valentine’s Day and we can tell this because of the bouquet of gas station roses in a vase in the middle of the table. The MOTHER picks off the petals and lumps them on her plate, mixing them with her mashed potatoes. The MASHED POTATOES are played by Nicolas Cage. The SON enters and claims he will be turning into a fish very shortly and eloping with his goldfish, whom he won at the county fair just last week, just to let them know. Confusion ensues. All members of the family eventually reveal that they too will be turning into fish that very evening, in good time. They argue about who will prove to be the prettiest fish and who will be the most loved. The lighting/set/sound designers may wish to stick the house under water at various instances throughout their conversation. The play should end with the whole family drowning in their soup bowls.

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