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100 Word Challenge: Bibliomancy

font-705667_1280Challenge of the Month: Bibliomancy–open a random book from your shelf, turn to any random page, and find the third word in the first sentence on that page. That is the title of your next 100-word story.


by Jeff Folschinsky
Clean is not how I would have chosen the describe the situation. It was a fucking mess, but it did solve a humungous problem for the corporation, so I guess I can see why clean was the word they chose.

You see, bring-your-child-to-work day had always seemed like a mistake to many people. A misguided attempt of upper management to win favor with the below-the-line employees. So when I opened the valve to release our product on their disgusting bodies, I can see why they chose that word.

After all, it is a bubble bath factory.


by Mark Bate
Sweat dripped from the powerful limbs strapped to the metal table. Its breathing was steady, even as the skin from its chest was pulled back and pinned down to reveal its fully functioning organs. Looking down on a real werewolf’s beating heart gave Dr. Mengele a rare rush of adrenaline as he made a note on his chart. Knowing the Führer would be pleased and the discoveries they would make from the monster’s physiology for the glory of the Nazi party made him smile. The tide of the war would finally turn back in their favor.


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This entry was posted on April 12, 2016 by in Fiction.
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