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A Meal Unto Itself

This writing challenged included 3 items plucked from the news. The challenge was to include these 3 elements into one 100-word story. Here is a sample from out group, by Jeff Folschinsky: 

“Fuck I want a hog dog!” The words just popped out of Alanna’s mouth, and no one seemed more shocked than her.

“Wow, someone’s feeling like a big spender today,” replied Steven, as he nervously smiled at the spectator next to him.

Since the retaliatory tariffs went into effect, hot dogs were a very expensive item. No one is quite sure when or why a majority of all pork products became an imported item, but the price soared when the tariffs went into effect. Only people of means could afford such items, so ordering a hot dog at a ball game was a blatant way of flaunting your wealth.

“You know we can’t afford it, I’m just hungry,” Alanna said, loud enough so the surrounding people knew she wasn’t giving them a big rich ‘fuck you.’

“Yeah, me too,” answered Steven, as he began to let his guard down.

People were sensitive about the current situation and had been known to express their displeasure in not-so-nice ways. It had gotten so bad that vendors didn’t travel up and down the aisles peddling their products as aisle muggings had become a common occurrence. Security had all but given up trying to stop this as mysteriously there where never any witnesses to the event.

“Well, do you want to leave, and get something at home?” Steven asked.

“No, let’s just wait until the riot breaks out. We’ll get something then.”

The thought of this put a smile on Stevens face, as Alanna snuggled up next to him.  And strangely they both didn’t seem as hungry as the had previously. As if the anticipation was a meal onto itself.


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